Lifelong resident of Northwest Arkansas
-Born and raised in Prairie Grove
-University of Arkansas Graduate

Experience in Local Government
-Alderman, Ward 2
-Vice Mayor
-Chairman of Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste Committee

Genuine desire to serve the District, City, and State I love as your Representative in the Arkansas State House.

Why run for State Representative?
With years of career experience in executive management, as well as experience serving in local government as an Alderman and Vice Mayor, many are curious about the choice to run for State Representative. Why this particular office, and why now?

The answer is simple: as a lifelong resident of Northwest Arkansas I feel that the best way to give back to the City and State that have given me so much is to serve. Serving as your Representative for District 86 is the best way to ensure that the concerns of my neighbors are brought to the table in the State House.